Mar 17, 2013

The most nutritious foods on earth

Experts in the field of dietetics have ranked the most beneficial products for human health, regardless of the country of origin,  culinary traditions or therapeutic diets.

The natural meat has received the seat of honor in the list. This well of protein is one of the most healthy and necessary  products for human life.

Sources of essential nutrients for the body are also fresh milk, eggs and salmon.

Cabbage (regular cabbage, broccoli and Brussels sprouts) is the leader among the other vegetables

Moreover, this vegetable is considered the best of the best.

An apple is on the top of fruit preferences.

A green tea is the leader among drinks. 

Berries, nuts, beans, onions and garlic are necessary components of menus of all  long-lived persons.

Mar 16, 2013

Useful tips to stop the night eating

The main United States strategy associated with everyday life is the eating of different food products in the night-time. As a matter of fact, most of the people coming home after the working day, plop themselves down near the TV and sometimes start eating alone  a bag of potato chips, a pint of ice cream or a package of snacks. Unwittingly they consume more calories and fat than would be acceptable for the whole day while watching the latest news. 

Night may be the time for you to decompress, to reduce the tempo of the life, to do things like chatting to close friends and  partying with the youngsters or studying. Sad to say, but when you are relaxing or performing chores, you can easily and very often unconsciously sabotage  any plan to lose weight. This particular time period is in fact the time when we hold the  lowest level of control over our own tendencies as well as develop probably the most harmful dinner feasible options.  

Quite a small number of men and women are completely satisfied with celery or perhaps carrot sticks as snacks during the night eating when they have large bags of potato chips, pastries, or ice-cream within reach. Chocolates are the champions among the other snacks for the night eating. As a matter of fact, individuals who are content with healthy and balanced snack foods almost certainly will not have any body weight issues initially.

However, many researchers on this problem insist basing on the results of their research works that  eating at night hours, even right just before going to sleep has no influence on the increase or decrease of the  body weight. The total amount of calories, which is being consumed by a man is the critical factor of the growth of the weight.

So, the actual balance of the consumed and spent calories by the  concrete man will show whether or not the individual has satisfied his requirements. The worst situation is when he consumes more calories than he can use up. The clever solution to the problem of the termination of night eating is the creation of  alternatives to this process.  

The actual plan created in order to stop night eating should consist of the following steps:

1.       You should change your routine behavior and  stop buying and  bringing "bad" food items in your house. It will help you to remove unhealthy products from your night eating menu.

2.       You should understand with the help of an expert or independently what is your eating pattern pertaining to the period of time between supper and breakfast time. This will radically help you to determine the future strategy to stop night eating.

Experts usually mark out two types of of nocturnal eating patterns. The first one is is the most common, although poorly managed. More than 75% of people with the problem of excessive weight belong to this category and have such night eating behavior. They start eating after dinner and continue it until they go to sleep. People with such night eating habits are often called "munchies."

Men and women with body weight difficulties that belong to the second type, awake from sleep in the night and usually go to the kitchen and eat  anything he or she can find. Not surprisingly they also complained of insomnia and depression after their night time binge eating. 

Experts from centers that deal with weight problems indicate that this night  eating syndrome is  inherent to approximately 10% of obese people. The last ones have a significant mood disorder which results in the absence of hunger in the morning and also in  skipping meals  through the day. People with such pattern of behavior are trying to replenish  the necessary resources of calorie with the help of night eating.     

It is the common opinion of experts that people of the first type should resort to the method of strict selection of snacks that they eat in the evening. These people have their dysfunctional night eating habit all their lives and they have to understand how to make better choices.

The people of the second type should begin with  simple adjustments. The change of job or leaving for a new residence can remove from their lives the  stress factor that provokes night eating.
In cases where it fails to perform well, they should try to find the  medical expert that is a professional with this disorder. 

However, the necessary condition of the overcoming of the night eating is the strong desire and permanent job of the patient in order to solve  this problem.

Apr 24, 2012

Health, beauty and cuisine

I think that one can‘t find a man of sense who will deny a continuous connection of all these concepts.

People who want to support their health and to have the sufficient level of the physical energy should pay a special attention to the questions of nutrition.

A person living in the modern world has an enormous potential for a healthy lifestyle and choosing of the right food. Without any doubt, cuisines created by different nations and folks are the greatest wealth of mankind.

Ukrainian cuisine is one of the best cuisines all over the world. Among all Slavic cuisines, the Ukrainian uses especial popularity, and many of its dishes such as borscht or dumplings, have become virtually international. It is easy to recognize features of Tatar, Turkish, Hungarian and German cuisine in the traditional Ukrainian cuisine. 
For example, the famous dumplings are descendants of Turkish dishes Dyush-Vara, and the cooking of minced meat dishes is following from the German tradition of chopping of the meat.

But, of course, borscht, which is the most popular Ukrainian dish all the time, is being prepared now in all corners of the globe.

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Jul 5, 2011

And once again about acne.

I had been affirming this fact earlier, and it is a truth that I have the problem skin. So, speaking in the other words, I have acne. In addition, I like to go in for sports. And it aggravates my problems. I think that the sweating stimulates the appearing of acne.

It is a well known fact that acne treatments are divided into three categories: topical, systemic, and procedural. The course of treatment is determined by the type and severity of acne. Without the detection of the type of the acne, one can't reckon on the successful treatment of the acne.

Never act according to the advices of the accidental people in the question of the treatment of the acne. Only the experienced dermatologist can help you in the fight against acne. Regarding the situation with my skin problems, I am constantly contacting with the esthetician. Estheticians are not medical doctors; rather they perform cosmetic treatments of the skin such as facials and waxing. They can recommend skin care products for acne-prone skin, and offer advice on daily skin care. Estheticians can also perform deep cleansing treatments to help ward off comedones. In the most cases, the estheticians carry out the supportive therapy under the supervision of the doctor. Topical treatments are products such as creams, ointments, or lotions that are applied to the skin. They are used in the treatment of mild to severe acne, depending on the strength. Topical treatments are available both over the counter and by a prescription.

I can add only that I am constantly consuming the high quality vitamins that help my skin to overcome acne.

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Mar 8, 2011

Pilates exercises and the weight loss.

I am a person, who is very interested in all methods of the physical activity. I am attending the gym several times per week, and I like to jog in the morning time. Of course, I am practicing the last type of activity in the frost-free seasons.
I just like to confide about my latest liking for Pilates exercise. I think that for sure almost every person at least once has heard about this type of the exercises. Joseph Pilates has created this system of physical activity, which bases on training of the core strength. The core muscles are the deep, internal muscles of the abdomen and back. Pilates exercises are training these muscles and also the more superficial muscles of the trunk to support the spine and movement. While developing of the core strength, you develop stability throughout your entire torso. This is one of the ways Pilates helps people overcome problems with their back.
Pilates has six principles. They are: Centering, Control, Flow, Breath, Precision, and Concentration.
Unlike many systems of exercise, Pilates exercises do not include a lot of repetitions for each move. However, each exercise should be done exactly according to the pattern. Pilates exercises are done on either on a mat on the floor, Pilates mat work, or on exercise equipment developed by Joseph Pilates.
However, the main thing is that the using of Pilates method give perfect results while being used in the program of the weight loss.

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Dec 2, 2010

Winter and the skin care tips

At long last the winter has come. And the winter cold has brought some problems to our skins. The windy and cold weather makes our skin dry. As a matter of fact the cold air in the literal sense of the word is sucking the moisture from our skin.
Because of the using of the acne fighting products, I am experiencing the constant uncomfortable dryness, peeling and flaking of my skin. Of course I can't reject my acne treatment routine because of the winter. That is why I am so interested in the methods of the skin moistening in the cold period. I think that it will be appropriate to share my experience of acne skin care during the cold period of time with persons concerned.
First of all pay attention to your cleansers. The tight and dry sensation after the cleansing is indicating that your cleanser is not working for you in the cold period of time. The natural solution to this problem is to use a gentle foaming cleanser. You can always come back to your usual treatment when the cold snap is over. But please understand that the regular moistening is very important in the process of acne treatment. In spite of the weather or the period of the year all medications against acne dry the skin. That is why moisturizer is a must.
Secondly, please do not forget to hydrate your organism from inside. To keep your skin hydrated, try warm chamomile tea.

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Sep 27, 2010

Help your organism to adapt to the increasing of the physical activity.

It is the real truth that with the help of exercises one can burn the body fat. That is why taking exercises is the integral part of every weight loss program. But all people with the excessive weight are striving to solve their weight loss problems as quickly as possible. They are trying to find the most effective exercises for burning more fat with the shortest possible delay.

Sorry, but such attitude to solving the problem of the excessive weight is absolutely incorrect.

First of all there is no ideal exercise to burn body fat. There are a lot of special complexes of exercises used for such purposes and it is very hard to choose the right one. I am absolutely sure that only specialist will give you the right advice as to the exercises.
It should be in this way because the basis of such complex should be your health status. You should be examined by the doctor at least every three months during the weight loss program.

It is much better to use the method of gradual increasing of the physical exercise than trying to stress your organism with extreme physical activity. It is necessary to help your organism to adapt to the increasing of the physical activity.

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